A trip down Memorymoog lane

A trip down Memorymoog lane

Casio MT-40

My brother could play the synth hook from Van Halen's "Jump"

Casio CT-640

My dad got a deal on it from Sears so I could take piano lessons. This is how I discovered the meaning of velocity sensitivity, which this wasn't. One of the preset beats with accompaniment was consistently used for an improvised silly news show, recorded to VHS.

Casio Ct 640 Hot Sale, 51% OFF | blog.ceo.org.pl

Casio SK-1

Sounds best when the batteries are depleted.

Featured on: https://protman.bandcamp.com/album/siktoe-navajoe

Blast from the past: Casio SK-1 | MusicRadar

Yamaha CS1x

Split keyboard zones into drums, bass, lead, pad which could be individually routed through distortion, reverb, and resonant filter effects were sequenced with Impulse Tracker's MIDI-out feature. 

Yamaha CS1x: The digital synth with an analogue style | MusicTech

Yamaha AN1x

Software was available to generate random presets. Randomizing every parameter mostly wound up with sounds like a mosquito flying into your ear.

Yamaha AN1x - synth4ever.com

Korg 01/W ??

Part of my Technomusicology I/II/III courses. It's M-10 UPSIDE-DOWN! I don't recall which revision it was vs "pro", "x", etc.

Vintage Korg 01/WFD Workstation Synthesizer 01/W image 1

Moog Micromoog

I wonder where our old bandmate Mike, nicknamed Mike Moog, is today. The Moog Micromoog was Mike Moog's Moog Micromoog. Later, our bandmate Mark had a Moog Micromoog, but Mark's Moog Micromoog may have been Mike Moog's Moog Micromoog.

Moog Micromoog

Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase + MXR analog delay

Unique that it has a built-in effects loop insert. Combined with the MXR analog delay, it's one of my favorite sounds.

Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase 88 1969 - 1974 | Reverb

MXR Analog Delay - ranked #232 in Delay Pedals | Equipboard

Moog Memorymoog

What a pain in the ass.

MemoryMoog - Moog Music MemoryMoog - Audiofanzine

Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine

Fun with ImpulseTracker MIDI-out

Roland TR-707 | Vintage Synth Explorer

Novation K-Station

I don't remember much about this, but it's in some old photos of my IKEA JERKER.


Moog Little Phatty Stage II

This got sampled more than played.

Bleep Labs Thingamakit

The first thing I ever soldered.

Thingamakit synthesizer toy from Bleep Labs | Boing Boing

Arturia MiniBrute

Came and went. This made me start thinking about a "one-synth-at-a-time" rule at home, so I would get more out of them individually, sample them, then move on.

Arturia MiniBrute

Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2 – RGB

Fed into a sidechain compressor, it fills any dead-air!

Devices | Bleep Labs

Arturia MicroBrute


Arturia - MicroBrute SE - MicroBrute SE

Korg MS20 Mini

I wrote down a "quack" preset.

KORG MS-20 mini (použité) Analogue Synthesizer



microSAMPLER - Korg microSAMPLER - Audiofanzine

Korg Monotron(s)

Fun and confusing gifts for your brother's kids.

New Korg monotron Delay and Duo | MusicRadar

Bleep Labs Bleep Drum


  • Hold shift while turning on the device. The light will turn green. Hitting shift again will turn it pink and blinky
  • Green – Pots control the pitch just like normal
  • Pink – Pots control noise.
  • All other controls are the same.

Bleep Drum Kit with MIDI - KIT-12976 - SparkFun Electronics

Korg Volca Beats

It can certainly make a beat.

korg volca beats > OFF-70% |

Novation Circuit

It was fun for a few road trips to get away from computer.

Novation Circuit

Novation Bass Station II 

I'm working on an app to randomize the AFX mode splits.

novation analog synth > OFF-70% |

Korg Volca Drum

I thing consumers are confused about the difference between the 'Beats and 'Drum. The 'Drum is superior with six identical drum synth parts that can create both standard and crazy synthesized drum sounds. The goal with this is to make a hardware drum machine drop-in for percussion channels in Renoise.

product middle image number 1

Novation Circuit Mono Station

This was shipped to me by accident and I had to send it back.

Novation Circuit Mono Station : Opiniones y precios | Hispasonic

Arturia MicroFreak

My current one-synth-at-a-time synth, combined with an MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe to relive the days of Rhodes mentioned above.

Arturia - MicroFreak Vocoder - MicroFreak Vocoder Edition

Korg NTS-1

The goal with this is to make a hardware synt drop-in for synth channels in Renoise.

korg guitar synthesizer OFF 74% |

Novation Circuit Rhythm

I'm working on software to automatically generate kits and sessions for this so the user can turn it on and have zero-setup to start sequencing something fresh.

Novation Circuit Rhythm - Control Voltage