Protman DPK + bio (ChatGPT :P)

Protman (Joe Hahn) is an electronic musician, producer and live performer known for his unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes, deep basslines, and emotive melodies. He began his music career in the late 90s (if playing battle-of-the-bands in high school with a DOS computer running Scream Tracker counts), and quickly gained recognition for his innovative approach to creating and performing electronic music. Joe has been a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy, and been interviewed by publications including WIRE Magazine and the Chicago Reader.

One of the defining features of Protman's music is his use of gamepads as MIDI controllers in live performances. He is known for his ability to manipulate and bend the sounds of his music in real-time using gamepads, creating a truly unique and dynamic live experience.

In addition to gamepads, Protman is also well-versed in various software and tools such as Puredata, MaxMSP and mod trackers. He uses these tools to create intricate soundscapes and manipulate sounds in ways that are not possible with traditional instruments.

Protman's music is also heavily influenced by his love of nature and the outdoors, and his soundscapes often feature field recordings from his travels. He is also heavily influenced by the rave and techno scenes of the 90s and early 2000s, and his music often features heavy beats and driving rhythms.

Joe also manages a recurring remix contest and exhibition called Iron Chef of Music. Participants have two hours to compose and submit a new piece of music out of a single sample "ingredient", which may be a recording of anything. Past examples are: Bacon frying, a balloon popping, ice cubes clinking in a glass, and about 245 more as remix event #250 is approaching this year! https://ironchefofmusic.com

In addition to his solo work, Protman is also a past member of the band K-RAD from Chicago. The band combines elements of electronic music with live instrumentation and has released dozens of albums and EPs. They are known for their energetic and dynamic live performances.