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A trip down Memorymoog lane
that time DJ Coldcut said the silly website i developed was their favorite music machine
K-RAD classics
twenty twenty one in reverse


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It's another compilation of tracks spanning 1999 to 2020


It's a compilation of tracks that go together, in my opinion.

Siketoe Navajoe

Composed while the rest of K-RAD was in France. It's different than most of my music.


Compiled and mastered by Bedroom Research. Please read the album notes. Thanks!

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Download some Renoise Tools and themes for Renoise that I created to make Renoise more like Impulse Tracker

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VST Instruments + Effects
(4 later/like 2024)

WIP: Impulse Tremor for Renoise

Apply a pattern effect value based tremolo the way it was meant to.

WIP: Impulse Retrig for Renoise

Imagine retrig values spanning and sustaining across (down) multiple rows, even gracefully fading in and out.

TBD: Multiband Limiter

U will b SHOCKED

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